Iberian Ham Cebo de Campo

Iberian Ham Cebo de Campo

Type: Ham (made of hind legs)
Quality: Cebo de Campo
Available weights: 7-7.5kg, 7.5-8kg, 8-8.5kg, 8.5-9kg
Curing: 20-36 months
Origin: Aracena, Andalusia
Availability: On the bone, Boneless, Hand-Sliced




Iberian ham from our pigs raised in the Dehesa of Huelva. These animals have been fed with feed, legumes and cereals until their slaughter. Iberian Ham  Cebo de Campo is cured in our drying rooms that, thanks to the climate of the Jabugo environment and its surroundings, obtains the characteristics of a good ham.

Aging following the tradition of the Sierra de Aracena to obtain a 50% Iberian breed bait ham of the highest quality. It is the product of a careful balance between the raw material and the craftsmanship of its production. Its smell, color and flavour are unique elements that reinforce its good bouquet for tasting. From the Sierra de Huelva, we want you to enjoy this excellent ham.

Iberian quality standard: Green Seal.

Pigs raised and fed with grass and feed.

Commercial Denomination: Cebo de Campo Ham 50% Iberian Breed
Raw Material: 50% Iberian Breed Pork Ham
Composition: Pork ham and Salt.
Curing: The curing of Iberian ham ranges between 20 and 36 months depending on its weight and characteristics, since having more weight, quality and fat infiltration will need more or less time in the cellar to achieve its optimum point. Each piece we send will be selected by our master ham from the dryer.

Origin: Iberian ham comes from our pigs in the Sierra de Aracena (Spain)

Ham Storage Condition: Cool and dry place protected from direct sunlight

Final Destination: Direct human consumption. Remove the skin and outer fat 1-2 cm, cut small and thin slices.

Slicing service: has a period of 5-7 days. Hand-cut by our ham masters and packed in 100gr sachets.

Deboning service: made in 3-5 days

What does Certified Iberian Ham mean?
Our Iberian Cebo Field Ham 50% Iberian Breed is covered by the Quality Standard for Iberian meat, ham, shoulder and cane loin (Royal Decree 4/2014), indicated on the commercial label, where you can read the legend “Certified by Certicality”, with our certification number, guaranteeing its maximum quality.

Additional information

Weight8.5 kg

7-7.5, 7.5-8, 8-8.5, 8.5-9


Whole Leg, Boneless, Hand-Sliced


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