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Iberian ham is not only one of the most exquisite foods that exist, it is also a source of very beneficial properties for health. It has occupied, for millennia, a key place in the diet of Mediterranean countries, whose inhabitants have one of the highest life expectancies in the world.

A source of vitamins

Iberian ham croquettes
The pig has always been part of the Spanish culture. But, of all the products made from it, Iberian ham is probably the most appreciated, both for its great nutritional and gastronomic values. Ham is a traditional food of the Spanish diet that we can be proud of, although this excellence naturally has an impact on its price. This situation is typical of all "luxury" foods, in which their justified price regulates their consumption in a certain sense.

According to the latest studies carried out in the field of nutrition and dietetics by experts in gastronomy, they say that Iberian ham, in addition to being one of the most exquisite and nutritious products, is rich in proteins, essential to keep the body in good condition. vitamins B1, B6, B12 and folic acid, very beneficial for the nervous system and the proper functioning of the brain. It is also rich in minerals such as copper, essential for bones and cartilage, iron and phosphorus.

Reduces cardiovascular risk and favors cholesterol reduction

Iberian ham from jabugo
A study recently published in "Nutrition Research" indicates that the consumption of Iberian ham, which, like olive oil has a significant content of oleic acid, has the same beneficial effects as that on the plasma lipid profile, if consumed within of a balanced diet. This is said, since we must not forget that fats, although they are very healthy, are very fattening and can be harmful. Acorn-fed Iberian ham, rich in monounsaturated fats, produces a beneficial effect on blood fats and lowers total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol or "bad cholesterol".

The Iberian ham, thanks to the acorn, has in almost half of its fats (48.2%) the nature of oleic acid, the most beneficial to counteract the effects of cardiovascular diseases,

It is a light, digestive food and a good ally of our heart, since it reduces cardiovascular risk and favors the reduction of cholesterol, since its composition in oleic acid is very abundant, almost half of its fats (48.2%) as in olive oil, hence it is said that the Iberian pig is like an olive tree with legs. These properties increase when the pig is pure Iberian acorn.

Powerful antioxidant. Taken with tomato, a common custom in some Spanish regions, Iberian ham multiplies by two its beneficial effect as an antioxidant, thanks to its high content of vitamin E.

Only 242 calories per 100gr

Sometimes there are small white spots on the surfaces of the freshly cut ham, which are not at all harmful, since they are thyroxine crystals, which indicate a slow and long curing. They are a sign of quality and aging of the ham in the drying rooms and later in the cellar.

The average per 100gr of Iberian ham is 242 calories, which is why it is recommended in many weight loss diets.

If we take into account that the average daily consumption of the Spanish population is 2,684 calories, those that Iberian ham can provide are very insignificant, also knowing that, being a quality product and consequent price, not all the days.

If we took 5Kg of Iberian ham per year per person (many of us would like to even reach a kilo!), The daily calorie intake would amount to 33.1; comparable to two teaspoons of sugar, that is, barely perceptible.

We can conclude that, the Iberian ham, which has accompanied the diet of the Spanish for thousands of years and that, in addition, represents a socio-cultural heritage that has crossed national borders, which fills us with pride. It is also a food, not only perfectly compatible with proper nutrition, but even highly recommended.

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