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Iberian Recebo Ham

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Quality: Recebo Etiqueta Negra
Type: Whole leg of ham (with bone), Iberian pork.
Available weights: 7 and 8 kg
Curing: 30 months
Origin: Jabugo (Huelva), Andalusia

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Product Description


Hams (hind legs) and shoulders (front legs) are Iberian handmade products; each leg receives a typical serrano (mountain) V-shaped court. Its exquisite aroma and taste is due to three factors: 

1. - The Iberian breed of the animal.
2. - The lifestyle outdoor over Jabugo mountains with natural food based on herbal and acorns (Montanera breeding).
3. - Handmade and slow maturation process without additives or preservatives.

Typical features:
- Production: Handmade
- The “serrano”, or mountain, fashion of cutting the hind leg.
- The date of slaughter is branded on the leg.
- Unique, exquisite flavour.
- Available weights (with bone) 7 and 8 kg for hams and 5 kg for shoulders.

Nutritional data: According to recent research into nutrition and dietetics by gastronomy specialists, Iberian Ham is not only one of the most nutritious, exquisite of products but it is also rich in the proteins needed to keep the human organism in good shape, and provides vitamins B1, B6, B12. It is also a source of the folic acid so beneficial to the nervous system and the correct functioning of the brain. It is rich in minerals such as copper, which is vital for bones and cartilages, iron and phosphorus.

Thanks to the pigs' diet of acorns, almost half (48.2%) of the fat in Iberian ham contains natural oleic acid, the most effective substance for offsetting the effects of cardiovascular illnesses. As a result, the Iberian pig has often been called an “olive on legs”. 


The carcass of the pig is cut into pieces and the week of the slaughter is branded onto the leg sections. The legs are cut in the typically "serrano", or mountain, fashion and then go into the airing chamber.

Salting chamber 
Next the hams are piled one on top of another, separated by layers of salt, to a maximum height of eight hams. They are kept here for approximately one day per kilo of weight. This is a very important stage insofar that quality ham is not supposed to be over-salty. On the contrary, ideally it should taste sweet.

The hams are then washed to remove the remaining salt from their surface, and left for between 35 and 60 days.

Traditional drying process 
The hams are air-dried in drying sheds. They are hung up in order gradually to reduce their humidity level. Temperature (between 15º and 30ºC) and ventilation are strictly regulated. The hams remain in these air-drying sheds in the Huelva meadows from six to nine months. They sweat in the summer heat and their fat spreads through the muscle fibres, creating a succulent, aromatic meat.

Maturing and Bouquet 
The hams are then taken down into cellars to continue their slow maturing process. This is usually done in autumn. The hams stay in the cellars for between 6 and 18 months, depending on their weight. It is during this stage that the fungi which appear on the outside of the hams begin to facilitate the aroma (bouquet) typical of Iberian cured ham. When it leaves the cellar, the ham is tested by means of a probe (called a cala ) which is stuck deep into the meat, pulled out and smelled. The aroma should be pleasant and strong. In the course of the curing process the ham will have lost 30 to 35% of its weight. 
Ham produced by this method is of an incomparable quality, and has been appreciated by gourmets worldwide since Roman times.

Gift: For the purchase of this Ham we also provide a ham stand, and carving knife completely free of charge.

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