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How to store an Iberico Ham properly

1-      Remove all packaging, plastic or fabric wrapping the ham. Think this ham is still "alive" at home, maturing to consumption. If the ham will not be opened in a short time, store it in a cool and dry place, safe from the direct sunlight contact. Preferably hanging in vertical position and without contact with other surfaces.

2-      Especially at the beginning of cutting, the ham has plenty of fat. The yellow exterior part is not to consume, we need to cut lower until the first layer of meat. This white part is aromatic bacon, tasty and delicate smoothness, the animal fat acme. If it is not to be consumed immediately, keep it wrapped in foil in the fridge to cook or make toast for coming days. When the ham is finished, it will evoke the aroma and flavor that you will be glad not to have it wasted.

3-      If you think you will stop cutting ham for a long time, it is best to slice it, separate into portions and get them vacuum packaged. Otherwise the ham would end dried up to throw it out wasted.

4-      Avoid the ham from drying out so that do not have to miss the first slice of the day. Use the external fat coating that has been removed when opening the ham. Place it on its surface, it will prevent contact with air and will nourish fat.
You can prick it with a toothpick to make sure it is attached. If it takes days to continue cutting, scrub them from time to time to keep it greased with it. Make sure all the surface is well covered with the bacon so that oxygen does not dry it out.

5-      There are competitions of cutting ham where each portion’s weight is also assessed. The good candidates get impeccable presentations with only 100 grams of ham. Try to cut really thin slices, almost transparent; you will take most advantage of the ham and will taste much more delicious. To savor the ham in optimal conditions must be sliced really thin, this is very important because even a best quality ham will miss a lot of taste if the slices are too thick.

6-      If you follow our advice, almost the whole ham is “sliceable”. Try to do straight surface and skirt the bone properly to access easily to lean areas around with the knife. Avoid having to make little cubes from something that could have been scrumptious Iberian ham slices.

7-      Cut slices half ham and half white in areas plenty of white and mix them on a plate with the rest of slices. Do not delve only into the lean area because you will miss the recommended straight cut surface and will give up the pleasure of an exquisite bite. Remember that the white bacon is one of the secrets of Iberian ham richness in nutritional values, such as oleic fats and olive oil. Never give up the most beneficial animal fat.

8-      If the consumption of the ham is not going to be fast, never peel the whole piece. Do it as you go along the cut surface. The skin and white fat avoid harden and prevents from wasting sides by the contact with air.

9-      Try always to cut the amount of ham to calculate will be consumed. If you have left over, cover with a plate or foil to prevent its airing and keep at room temperature for the next day.

10-   When you finish the ham, take the bone to a butcher and ask him to chop it. Or do it yourself with a small hand saw. Use the pieces of bone you need to make broth slowly, the rest of bone pieces may be kept in the freezer to avoid rancidity. The rest of ham attached and the substance of its inner medulla provides your dishes the magic touch that can only give what is Iberian.